Our new offering to established business is the use of a remote access system for accounting functions.

Lets face it,  the face of accounting has changed drastically over the last 5 years.

It used to be that our clients gave us raw materials of check registers and bank statements,  we took those items, worked our magic, and poof….   returned to them in the form of financial statements.

That’s just not good enough any more.  Businesses need information FAST in order to make good decisions in a timely manner.  It’s got to be real time,  and  real knowledge to get the job done.  These days we work together to work on one file.  It is a big job. And the work load is divided among the owner and the accountant based on the amount of time an owner has to devote to the accounting function as well as where the owner feels he needs to spend his accounting dollars.

Who would you like to see

  • Write and mail the checks
  • Take deposits to the bank
  • Record those deposits
  • Reconcile the bank account (s)–(balance the checkbook)
  • Record debit and/or credit card transactions
  • Reconcile the credit card account
  • Chase accounts Receivable
  • Enter accounts Payable
  • Gather Time data for payroll
  • Calculate payroll checks
  • Print those payroll checks
  • Do the payroll tax reporting
  • How about Sales or Use Tax reporting
  • Create the budget for the upcoming year
  • Calculate income tax liability projections
  • Compare your company numbers with industry standards

It’s just nice to be able to share some of these jobs with a trained accountant who can help you make sense of those financial statements.  After all,  who wouldn’t want an ‘on call’ CFO?   The nice part is that we can re-assign these functions as the business grows and time constraints change. It’s all good. Let us know if this might be a fit for you. We love it because both business owner and accountant have access to the file 24 hours a day and there is no frustration of transporting or transmitting of files.