When should my Tax return be completed?

Our average turn around time is 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the return.  We hope to have your return completed by.

We will call you when it is ready for pickup.

When do I pay for services?

Just like at the dentist, payment is due when the service is provided. You cannot pick-up the tax return until payment is received.

We accept cash, check, or Master Card and Visa.

There will be a $25 return check fee.

What about Electronic Filing?

Electronic filing is a free service to our clients, and we do so automatically.  If you DO NOT want to file electronically, please let us know so that we can prepare a traditional paper return.

Please note that if you owe money, you still have until the 15th of April to send in the payment regardless of when the return is filed electronically.

Is direct deposit still available?

We can arrange for your refund to be directly deposited to your bank account.  You should receive your money 11-14 days from the date of electronic filing.

We request a voided check for account number conformation when you utilize this service.  Note:  For security purposes, this information is shredded annually.  You will need to provide this to us each year even if you have been a client for years.  (Sorry, we just cannot take a chance of it going to the wrong account).


Thanks for allowing Larson Accounting & Tax Service to serve you this year!

We appreciate your business!