Accounting has changed a lot over the last few years.  What we are finding is that no two clients are alike.  Everyone has a different set of needs.  We work hard to design a program that meets your business needs.  It is because of these differences in service that make pricing difficult.  Here are some guidelines that help determine general pricing structure:

Green Level of  Service from $250 per month

This service is for small to medium sized businesses who need quality reports and professionally prepared financial statements. Generally for businesses that do their own billings,  make their own deposits and write less than 50 checks per month themselves.  This service includes:

  • Bank reconciliation for up to two accounts
  • Payroll Tax forms generation
  • Annual Income Tax estimates
  • Monthly financial statement
  • Off site data storage

Payroll check processing and direct deposit  is available for an additional fee.

Silver Level of Service from $450 per month

This service is created for clients who desire to spend their time doing business rather than accounting functions.  These businesses write more than 50 checks per month and include:

  • Weekly pick up and delivery of accounting work
  • Accounts payable processing and check generation
  • Payroll tax preparation and all payroll tax reporting (including direct deposit)
  • Bank reconciliation for up to two accounts
  • Quarterly Income Tax estimates
  • Off site data storage
  • Monthly financial statements

Gold Level of Service – fees are customized based on hourly rates

This service style is for larger businesses with special needs in addition to the services offered above.

  • Online access—remote internet connection allows the business 24/7 access to their accounting information
  • Contract CFO Services where qualified team provides oversight,  analysis and recommendations regarding financial matters,  budgeting assistance and cash flow management