When you are considering if you need help with your accounting, there are many things to think about.
Can you relate to any of the statements below?

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  • I feel that I am paying more than I should in personal income taxes.
  • I feel that I am paying more than I should in business taxes.
  • Payroll taxes are too time consuming and/or difficult to do.
  • I am not sure that I am handling my payroll taxes according to the most current laws and requirements.
  • I need help keeping track of our tax exempt purchases.
  • Sales tax filings are not being done on time.
  • We are frequently penalized for late filings.
  • We frequently have to file extensions because our taxes are not on time.

Bank Reconciliations

  • I don’t reconcile my bank statements in a timely manner and sometimes don’t do it at all.
  • I spend excessive amounts of time reconciling my account to the penny.
  • I have to put extra cash into my account frequently to be sure I don’t bounce checks.
  • I am using my overdraft protection too often.
  • I have other business activities to attend to and I don’t have time to deal with banking.
  • I hate reconciling my bank account. I simply don’t like doing it.

Budgeting and Financials

  • My accountant provides me with financial statements but doesn’t give me real practical advice or suggestions for improvements based on them.
  • I would like to know how my financial statements can help me make better business decisions.
  • I don’t use a budget currently, but I know it would be helpful in managing my expenses.
  • When the bank asks for financial statements I find that I am under a lot of pressure to put something together quickly.
  • I am loosing revenue dollars by doing bookkeeping functions myself because it takes me away from my income producing activities.

Business Plan

  • I have a generic business plan that we used when we opened but I have not updated it in a long time. I feel we may have lost some focus as a result.
  • I have a business plan that shows what we are but does not really map out where we are going for the next three to five years.
  • I have not identified all possible business opportunities, potential risks and pitfalls.
  • The opportunities I have identified are marketable and have profit potential but I do not have a written plan for my vision that I can share with my team.
  • My current business plan is good but it does not include sales projections and the strategy to hit our goals.

Cash Flow

  • I feel like I am putting too much money back into the business unexpectedly. Things that are necessary but unplanned.
  • I want my business to run as efficiently as possible to generate higher profits. I feel we could streamline some expenses or procedures.
  • I have money sitting in the bank that I feel should be earning more interest.
  • I find that my personal money and business money are always getting co-mingled it’s a bookkeeping nightmare.
  • I need additional cash to expand my business and am not sure how to get the money.
  • I want to apply for a small business loan, but I need help putting together the information the application is requesting.

Risk Management

  • I do inventory on an annual basis but sometimes find that I am surprised by shortages and overstocks.
  • I am all too often surprised to learn we are out of something we or our customer need immediately.
  • I am frustrated by the amount of money tied up in overstocks of things we do not need.
  • We have to deal with a lot of things at year end that have “disappeared” from inventory without paperwork.
  • I think that a sound inventory and tracking process would save us money in purchasing.

If any of these sound like your financial situation, you should consider getting some outside help from a professional at Larson Accounting.