What is Long Term Care and Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care is: help with your daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and getting around when you are not able to do these things yourself. Long term care is NOT medical care, so most health insurance plans will not cover it.  This type of care may come in many forms including the following:

  • Care in your home
  • Community adult day care
  • Care in assisted living facilities
  • Nursing Home care


Long term care insurance is:  A way to help pay for the extended care needed as well as protecting our assets, fostering independence and promoting your quality of life.


  • Protection:  Long term care insurance can help preserve your assets for you and your loved ones to use as you see fit.
  • Independence:  Long term care insurance will give you a way to choose what type of care you want to receive and who will provide that care for you.
  • Quality of Life:  Long term care insurance can ensure the dignified, comfortable quality of life you deserve.